Who Am I ?

Who am I ? Well that is a BIG topic! I faced the challenge of writing a concise answer to that  question when completing the “About Me” section of this blog ( a perfect opportunity to learn how to insert a hyperlink in this post!). How do I summarise myself in one page? What to put in and what to leave out? What would a reader of this blog need to know about me?IMG_0041

What I ended up writing about are the events that have shaped me, what has motivated me, what has driven me forward. At critical choice points, what have I chosen? In reviewing what I have written I realise that what has often motivated me and underpinned my life choices is the desire to make a positive difference in the world, to be of service AND to heal the pain I have experienced at various times in my life; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It has been and continues to be like peeling away layers of restriction, a very gradual freeing up.

Joseph Campbell describes this process for me beautifully: ” The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. The goal of the heroes journey down to the jewel point is to find those levels in the psyche that open, open, open and finally open to the mystery of Self, being Buddha Consciousness or the Christ. That’s the journey.”

I see that this blog is like a jourIMG_0254nal, revealing myself to me, as well as revealing me to others.

“Life is only understood fully in retrospect. Looking over your shoulder the patterns begin to emerge, you are revealed in more clarity. The essence is distilled.” From my journal, 18/4/2014.

I often feel that there is much more for me to contribute in this world, where many suffer and our natural environment is suffering, and I get impatient to understand and find how to best do that. I frequently ask: How may I serve? How may I be of most benefit? I often feel like I am searching for the ‘right’ vocation or role to perform, the one where I will feel that my contribution is making a positive difference, a considerable positive difference. We are always in a constant state of becoming. Surely healing myself IS being of service, being a good friend, neighbour and family member is being of service, being involved in my community is being of service. It seems that I will have to be satisfied with those things and with sitting in the question. Those questions propel me forward and influence the choices I make every day.


In the “About Me” section I didn’t share that I also like photography, drawing, painting, Buddhist philosophy, going for walks, connecting deeply with others, trees and drawing labyrinths in the sand. The photographs and images in this blog are my creations. Who am I? A very big question.


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