Listening to the Whispers

When sitting quietly in nature one day over 25 years ago asking for clarity about how to come back into balance and wellness both personally and planetarily as part of a Masters degree in Social Ecology, I was guided to ‘listen to the whispers’, the quiet, wise voice inside us all that is connected to the source of all things. It continues to guide me and I enjoy assisting others to listen to their own ‘whispers’.

I’ve learned that listening to and acting on my intuition means embracing uncertainty and letting go of perceived control, whilst acknowledging but not catering to my fears. It requires an act of faith to listen and then act, no matter what.  David Whyte says, “that the price of our vitality is the sum of all our fears, that the price of our passion and commitment involves the shattering of deep personal illusions of immunity and safety.”Embrace

I’ve learned in living this way that often only the next step becomes clear and I have to take it faithfully without knowing what the step after that is to be. It requires trust that there is a greater and benevolent wisdom at play beyond my limited understanding.

I’m a Social Ecologist, facilitator, writer, photographer and speaker living on the north coast of NSW and my life is an ongoing inquiry into personal and planetary wellness.

This site shares:

  • A diary of my reflections and insights gained along the way.
  • My photographs captured on nature walks.
  • Information about Life Clarity Sessions which I facilitate in person on the north coast of NSW or via Skype or phone for anyone seeking support to access their own inner wisdom.

With Love

Megan Jane Young

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