About Me

I live in the Northern Rivers of NSW and am a Social Ecologist, writer, photographer, facilitator and speaker and provide one on one Life Clarity sessions for people seeking to make changes in their life, assisting them to identify and listen to their own intuition about the path ahead. I also work for a community owned social enterprise who champions the transition to 100% renewable energy and building community resilience. 

After leaving a corporate career in the mid 1990’s I made a commitment to listen to and follow my intuition no matter what and explored different ways of knowing via a Masters Degree in Social Ecology; the study of how individuals interact with and respond to the environment around them, and how these interactions affect society and the environment as a whole. I’ve continued to explore these themes with ongoing research in the areas of personal and planetary wellness. I’ve worked in a range of business roles since leaving corporate life,  for small business, not for profits and as a business consultant.

Like all of us I have access to a still inner voice that shines a light on my circumstances and I access it by quietening my mind and listening to ‘the whispers’ I hear in response to a question I pose, the answers often surprise me and always feels supportive.

IMG_E3526 (1)I’ve discovered that living my life listening to my intuition and acting on it has led me to a more conscious relationship with the earth and an experience of the interconnectedness of all things. I believe the problems we face in society from environmental degradation to mistreatment of women and discrimination in the work place are an outer manifestation of something rooted deeply in our collective psyches and the path out of this is to learn how to listen; to ourselves, to each other and to the natural living system we are a part of.

Fear of the unknown and a lack of faith in the benevolence of life cuts us off from the very medicine we need; to listen to and act on our individual and collective inner wisdom.

A more peaceful, equalitarian and healthy world is a real possibility for our future if we work together truly collaboratively embracing wholistic ways of being and doing that value both our masculine and feminine strengths and ways of knowing.

With Love

Megan Jane Young

Updated November 2021 (Original June 2014)

One Response to “About Me”

  1. Jude Says:

    Beautifully written Megan. You’ve been an inspiration to us for years.

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