About Me

This blog is a place for me to express myself, a place to play, explore and share my writing, both reflective and what I will call inspired. If my reflections are of benefit to anyone else then that will be a happy outcome. Like all of us I have access to a still inner voice that shines a light on my circumstances, even when I am feeling confused. I access my inner wisdom by asking a question, quietening my mind, listening to the answer, ‘the whispers’, often but not always writing what I hear. It often surprises me and it always feels right and supportive. I find when I write the answers it is as though I am taking dictation.

After experiencing a very turbulent early life, at age 20 I began questioning and seeking to understand what life was all about.  I began meditating and having some amazing personal experiences as a result of that, whilst reading books about others direct experiences, including Life After Life, Life Before Life, Journey of Souls and Edgar Cayce’s biography, There is a River which opened my mind and made me aware of the invisible dimensions of life and its eternal nature. I wanted to know more.

IMG_1150In my late 20’s, whilst working my way up the corporate ladder in Sydney I began experiencing bouts of depression and anxiety, which included panic attacks and this led me to even deeper personal enquiry and transpersonal healing work including rebirthing, gestalt, sandplay and dreamwork. Old wounds from my formative years resurfaced and demanded attention and healing.

By the age of 30, having developed a deeper connection with both the natural world and my inner world,  I felt a growing unhappiness with my corporate career and city life.  I began to understand how the outer problems we face in society from environmental degradation to mistreatment of women and discrimination in the work place, the area that I was working in, were an outer manifestation of something rooted deeply in our collective psyches.

In 1994 at the age of 31 I made a decision to live my life from listening to and following my intuition, my inner soulful self. My soul had become very vocal through deep emotional discomfort and I chose to listen and follow its callings. I figured my logic had built a life that I was unhappy with, perhaps my soul could guide IMG_0041me back out. I decided that instead of trying to ‘fix’ the problems I was seeing in my organisation and beyond that in wider society the most effective thing I could do to be of service in the world was to learn how to BE the change. How could I remedy the mistreatment of women in my organisation if I was mistreating my own inner ‘feminine’ soulful self ? I saw that the change had to start with me.

After resigning my job,  I began a Masters Degree in Social Ecology in 1995, enquiring into and documenting the process of change that unfolded when I listened to and acted on my intuition. It led me on an unscripted adventure and demanded that I change everything in my life, revealed one step at a time, including moving away from Sydney to northern NSW on my own to literally start over. It led me to a more conscious relationship with the earth and an experience of the interconnectedness of all things.

A deepening of my enquiry occurred during the years 1999 to 2006 when I unexpectedly contracted and healed myself from chronic fatigue syndrome. More wounds revealed, more layers were peeled away, more insights, discovery and  healing on all levels. Through healing ourselves we help heal the world.

Megan2013RedsBrunwickIn the  past few months a decline in my health and resurfacing of some fatigue symptoms has led me to make changes once more. Twenty years after I made the commitment to live my life from listening to and following my intuition I have been guided by very persistent inner promptings to express some of what I have learned and experienced along the way in this blog.

Do I  have all the answers? Most certainly not! I am one thread in the web of life. For a long time I have quietened my voice as I did NOT have all the answers, I felt that I did not have the complete picture, until I realised that it is only together, with each of us playing our own unique part that we create the whole picture, that we create wholeness. I and my life are a work in progress, an ongoing inquiry into the conditions that foster personal and planetary wellness and wellbeing.

Thank-you for taking the time to look at my blog.


With Love



One Response to “About Me”

  1. Jude Says:

    Beautifully written Megan. You’ve been an inspiration to us for years.

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